By Carolyn Boyd

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known. Jeremiah 33:3

It was camp time for the kids at a church in Melbourne, Australia.  Sue was our key speaker and during an altar time, she activated the children to pray for those who wanted prayer.  At the close, they ran off for supper, but one 9-year-old girl stood to wait.  I asked her what she wanted.

“That was embarrassing,” she said.   “Everyone had someone to pray for except me.”  Now I hadn’t noticed this, and certainly didn’t want her to feel bad so I immediately responded: “Do you know, no-one prayed for me, do you think you could do that?”
Her face beamed “YES!” and took my hand.  I stood waiting for the expected prayer “God bless Carolyn…give us a great camp….Amen!” But that is not what I heard – instead, Kim started to pray earnestly.  She named not one, but three things I told the Lord that morning.  WOW!  She had my attention.   At last, she said “Amen!” and skipped off to join the other children.  I was left mouth agape I am sure. God reminded me that when He speaks age is no barrier – He can speak through anyone. All He needs are open hearts to hear what He has to say.