Joel 2:28 “… your young men will see visions.”

To reach out to children in our community our church purchased five buses. Because of a lack of volunteers or space for classrooms, we set up a large group session in the church gym geared for 5-12 year-olds.  Our children’s ministry jumped from averaging 75 to over 500 in three months. By the 300 mark, we split the sessions to coincide with the back-to-back morning church services.  The second group arrived after the first program finished.

Each week our children’s ministry team met to debrief. It was during one of these meetings this encounter was related:

The kids were dismissed and heading out of the gym to their buses when a nine-yr-old boy stopped one of our volunteers.

He asked, “What do you call it when you see something that’s not there?”

My worker responded, “I guess you call it an illusion, why?”

“Well I think I seen one of them illusions then,” the child replied.

Curious the worker asked, “What was it?”.

“Well when Pastor Sue was talking, I saw these giant hands come down on each side of us kids, and they were holding us. So I turned to my friend and said, “Cool! How does she do that?”

And my friend said, “Do what?” And I said, “Make those giant hands come around us kids.”

And my friend said, “What hands? I don’t see no hands!” So I think I seen one of them illusions!