Tallui, India

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Tallui has warmhearted people hungry for the word of God. We spent as much time praying for people as we did teaching and ministering. The big Baptist church is the centre of the village and on a Sunday as the bell rings, people begin to walk from every little track to the church, all dressed in their Sunday best, the women wearing traditional colourful long skirts called mekela and matching scarves. These tribes were head hunters 110 years ago when the first missionaries arrived and that’s not really too long ago.

The Teachers’ Training was well-received. Most teachers teach by rote so our workshops seemed to open hearts and minds to other ways to be more effective in not only teaching children but in reaching them with God’s plan for their lives.

THe Children’s program was attended lovely kids and so responsive. We had lots of laughs and fun, but also able to minister to them. We believe that the children and youth are the hope of this land. Many of the older generation are nominal Christians. Every pastor we shared with expressed a desire to see revival in their adult congregations, and are realizing that they need to begin to put into the youth.

Although this is a “Shangrilah” setting, alcohol and drug problems do exist and many youth and children are hurting as a result.

The people of this region are thirsting for the Lord. The old women of Tallui cried out “We didn’t touch them (meaning us)….we will die without touching them”   We made a time to gather at a house and the women came, some bent over with walking sticks.   We anointed them, prayed for them, and then they blessed us.

At each place we prayed for pastor and wife, strategic leaders, youth worship team, Sunday School pastor and church helpers. The Lord moved in the prophetic and many tears were shed. These people were desperate for refreshing.