Dehradun, Nijaat, Imphal, and Ukhrul, India

Loading images… Dehradun is a town surrounded by the foothills of the Himalayas. Here women from several churches gathered for the “Unshakable Kingdom” conference. Hungry women – many hurting,  and from  terrible domestic situations came to find answers.  Our topics “Unshakable Foundations”, “Unshakeable Joy”, “Unshakable Purpose” and “Unshakable Love” saw many women open their hearts to[…]

Tallui, India

Loading images… Tallui has warmhearted people hungry for the word of God. We spent as much time praying for people as we did teaching and ministering. The big Baptist church is the centre of the village and on a Sunday as the bell rings, people begin to walk from every little track to the church,[…]